Ali Azmat has been given ‘Best Male Singer Of Pakistan’ Award by Indus TV Network.
“Amid the picturesque backdrop of the Bhurban hills, Indus Vision recently cast a magical spell on the worlds of fashion, music and TV with its ½ First Indus Style Awards ½ another first for the network

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MTV Pakistan is the dynamic, vibrant experiment at the intersection of music, creativity and youth culture. For almost 3 years, MTV Pakistan has evolved, challenged the norm, and detonated boundaries; giving the new generation a creative outlet and voice that entertains, informs and unites on every platform and screen. In support from Coca-Cola, MTV Pakistan formally announces “MTV BRRRR MUSIC AWARDS 2009”.”KLASHINFOLK” has been nominated for the Best Music Album at MTV BRRRR MUSIC AWARDS 2009.For further information

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“8th Annual LUX STYLE AWARDS 2009”
KARACHI: The Awards Office of the LUX Style Awards announced the Entertainment Nominations for the 8th LUX Style Awards in Karachi this week. This includes nominations in the fifteen Film, Television and Music categories.
The annual LUX Style Awards for excellence in Cinema, TV, Music and Fashion is an event held by Unilever Pakistan to honour talent in the field of Entertainment and Fashion. Voting for the categories will begin in April and continue through May till June. Voters can vote digitally, via SMS on 5892 from their cell phones or by logging onto the LSA
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Ali Azmat nominated in three categories:
Best Music Album (Klashinfolk)
Best Music Video (Zeeshan Parwez for Gallan)
Song of the Year (Gallan by Ali Azmat)
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lux style awards06

Social Circus won the award of Best album of the year at

Sony Ericsson Lux Style Awards 2006!

KARACHI: On Saturday night September 2, 2006, as celebrities from all walks of Pakistan’s entertainment industry arrived in classic vintage cars, the fifth annual Lux Style Awards, marking 50 years of the soap in Pakistan, clearly became an affair remembering the golden past of cinema.
Social Circus won the award of “Best Music Album” at the 5th Annual Lux Style Awards and Saqib Malik for ‘Best Video for Ali Azmat’s Na Re Na.’
Best album of the year: Social Circus
Best Video: Na Re na directed by Saqib Malik

Ali Azmat Won Five The Music Awards 2006 (T.M.A)

Another extravagant infects the grandest ever musical awards in Pakistan, held here in Karachi. The Music channel arranged the TMA awards which were the first of its kind ever held here in Pakistan, and to such a great arrangement their needed to be a boom of an opening which was done by non other than our very own king of rock Ali Azmat. He started the beautiful evening by a very melodic track “Mein Challa” from his solo album Social Circus which was performed and backed by his band members, especially Ziyyad Gulzar on lead guitar inaugurating the extravagant event.
This award ceremony like non before had nominations to all different categories and vistas of music promoting the up coming new generation as well as appreciating and recognizing the existing talent of our country. Among the various categories of nominations the Best rock song went to Ali Azmat’s ‘Na re na’ with it the best video was also to this very track, and to follow it the best lyrics award to this song from Ali Azmat’s solo album Social Circus. To top it all the best music producer award and best album of the year 2006 was also awarded to prestigious Ali Azmat. With these five awards in total Ali Azmat stole the show and the hearts of spectators, not to mention that fans who went wild applauding to this great achievement, and another feather in his hat.

Best Song: “Na re na”
Best Video: “Na re na”
Best Lyrics: “Na re na”
Best Music Producer Award
Best Album of the year

indusmusicAli Azmat won the award of “Best Pop Male Artist

2006″ at the 3rd Jazz IM Award! 17th June ’06

Yet another feather in the cap. As in the past Ali Azmat was recently Awarded at the Indus Vision Style Awards for Best Style of Sound and several other times for his unique flair in music.
June 17, 2006 Indus Music arranged for the Jazz IM Awards Ceremony in Lahore. Amongst the other nominees for the category of Best Pop Male Artist, namely; Sheeraz Uppal, Abbas Ali Khan, Jimmy Attrey and Shehzad Roy were given a chance to prove themselves. Ali Azmat on the other hand was also nominated for the two other categories: Deewana for Best Rock Song and Nare Na/Deewaana for Best Video. The foregoing significantly indicates the potential he possessive for promoting the music scene of Pakistan.

indus_vision_small Ali Azmat Wins Best Sound of Style Award at

First INDUS Style Awards 2006

Style; defining the thought process of how one perceives oneself in a fashionable manner creating a definitive personality. Having this said, recently on our local media scene Indus Music promoted this very cause by arranging the very first of its kind here in Pakistan a category of `Style’ awards or more so `The Indus Music Style Awards’.
As we already know and usually see how most of our musicians tend to think that the only thing that matters in this profession is the music itself, no doubt it is the most important but not just the only object and there for end up compromising on the feel, aura and most importantly the style of how they perform and by that portraying who they are. As the industry seems to be coming up with more and more new bands and musicians sprouting like wild mushrooms, there are those who have made their mark. Initially by creating a definite sense of style and secondly initiating this very industry by pioneering what it’s all about.
The highest category for any nomination would be of its own kind, like screenplay or storyline for a movie, the best single or sound for a music award and naturally highest sense of style for a fashion category. Similarly at the IM Style Awards among the highest rated awards was the “Best Style of Sound” award for which there were quite a few nominations such as Ali Zafar who try’s to create an image but can’t really be sure as to what his style is, then there was Fuzon who are a classical band no doubt but they seemed to be `stuck’ at that. Jal apparently also seem to have fallen in this category though we wonder how as it’s usually the same pair of spectacles that are revolving in that band. Strings on the other hand were the only band that was proper competition for Ali Azmat in this category, as no doubt he was also nominated for this very award. The judges didn’t have to ponder much in this case to choose out of all, as it is quite apparent that the most versatile style of sound in this music industry is non-other than Ali Azmat. His skill, his voice and most of all his style and persona are by far the most appreciated by the people of our country and countries all over. If the people and fans were judging this category of award, I don’t think there would have been any other nominees.

The First Indus Music Video Awards!Ali Azmat won Four awards.
indus_musicCamera! Lights! Action! The ‘Styling’ award went to Deepak Perwani for ‘Best Wardrobe in a Video’ for Ali Azmat’s Na Re Na. Saqib Malik for ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Video for Ali Azmat’s ‘Na Re Na.’
Other ‘technical’ awards went to Tahir Mehmood for ‘Best Art Direction in a Video’ for Ali Azmat’s ‘Na Re Na’ making the video the night’s big winner. Ali Azmat’s other video ‘Deewana’ directed by Jami also won an award for Best Post Production for Amir and Waqas.
Best Video: Na Re na directed by Saqib Malik
Best Wardrobe in a Video: Na Re Ne Wardrobe by Deepak Perwani
                                             Best Art Direction in a Video: Na Re Na (Tahir Mehmood)
       Best Post Production: Deewana (Amir and Waqas)