Coke Studio


Coke Studio is a journey into the heart of a recording studio where you will be able to experience the magic of live music being performed by some of the most talented musicians and artists of Pakistan.

Born out of a dream to merge tradition with modern, consistency with change, we have embarked on a journey to create a first hand experience for you to witness live studio sessions – something very few people have witnessed before as studio recording sessions are a secretive process normally only reserved for producers and musicians to witness and experience.CokeStudio

The performances of Coke Studio were recorded live in front of a select studio audience in Karachi in February 2008. Featuring in these performances are Duets by Ali Azmat and Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, Strings and Ustaad Hussain Baksh Gullu and Ali Zafar and
Tufail. There are also select performances by Mauj, Sajid and Zeeshan and other traditional percussion performers. The Coke Studio House Band features Gumby on drums, Omran Shafique on guitars, Mannu on Bass, Zeeshan on keyboards and turntables, Saba and Selina on backing vocals, Shezi and Babur on percussions and a 4-piece Baluchi percussion band led by Abdul Latif. Rohail Hyatt is the producer of Coke Studio.


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